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St. Patrick's Day with GIANTS IN THE TREES in Portland 

We have entered the Oregon phase of our Spring tour. Ok it's not spring quite yet, but things are looking up here on the Columbia River. It was actually over 50 degrees and sunny today! And so we begin our journey. We've listed dates all the way up to Albuquerque, NM, with many more to come all across the country. Keep an eye out for us in your town! It all starts this Sunday in Astoria, OR at the mighty Fort George Brewery. This place is enormous and boasts some amazing views of mouth of the river. It is an awesome spot for live music. The show is free and all ages! For more info:

Hey Portland! What are you doing on St. Patrick's Day? We have a kick-ass lineup for you at Dante's. The Mutineers will be joining troubadours Mishka Shubaly and Michael Dean Damron in support of the buzz worthy Giants in the Trees. They put on a stellar show and have been getting rave reviews by the press, both locally and nationally. They also happen to be our friends and neighbors while we are in Wahkiakum County, WA. Come see what the fuss is about. I promise we will leave it all on the stage for you Portland. We won't be back until the Summer, so we want to leave you with fond memories. Poster by Mutiny Studios. Tix and more info:

On our way out to Treefort Music Fest, we will be making a stop in La Grande, OR for a Tuesday night performance at HQ, a new venue space right downtown. It's also the headquarters of the Eastern Oregon Film Festival. Hope to see some of the same crazies we rocked out with last time through town. You all were a blast. We will be playing with locals, Catskills:

If you are thinking of coming out to Boise to see us at Treefort, you should!! You should also get your tickets or passes now so you don't get left out in the cold. There are tons of great reasons to go to Treefort. It's not just music, but there are somewhere around 500 bands performing. There's Foodfort and Yogafort and Hackfort and Filmfort and on and on. It's insane how much there is to do. We hope to see you there, bouncing around between shows and making memories. Get your plans together at:

We'd love to see you at a show soon. Come say hi when you do! 




We are finally making our way up to the Seattle area for the first time. There's three opportunities in February to see us play in Northern Washington. We have some great local bands on the bills with us in some very cool venues (Including Michael Ray and the Plastic Sheets, Ask Sophie, and Sharky Waters). Help us get our heads ready for our big spring tour by spreading the word to your friends in the area. We will give you a taste of some of our newest tracks. Speaking of which...

We just finished our short stint in the recording studio. We returned to B-Side Studios here in Portland to work with The Gentle Shepherd, Raymond Richards once again. This time we are taking a different approach from the live recording we put down for our last album. With help on multiple instruments from Raymond, we are fully producing our latest songs with whatever instruments and voices we feel inspired by. Expect to hear a Hammond Organ, random percussion, bass guitar, and our departed brother Michael's beautiful Gibson acoustic guitar. We recorded 4 songs and we are really happy with the results. During our Spring tour we will be wood-shedding new material and getting it ready to record in the Summer. If all goes well, we should have an album to share this coming Autumn. You can help support our new album by downloading Live at B-Side. You can pay what you want ($5 min) for our digital album when you buy it from our website. Don't forget all of our merch is designed by Merry and screen printed by Brian. Picking up a t-shirt, poster, or CD will help us a ton! And thank you in advance ;)

We posted this map on social media recently. It shows our prospective route for our upcoming Spring tour. We will be announcing the first month of show dates in about two weeks. If you'd like to see us in your town, let us know! You can reach us directly through our contact page. Help from local folks makes a world of difference. Track us on Bandsintown and keep in touch!


We closed out 2017 last night at Dante's in Portland, OR. Larry and His Flask were on fire, sparked by Ian Cook's shredding electric guitar work. Damn did that guitar sound good. The crowd was dancing throughout the set. Everyone had a blast. And they came early! There were a ton of folks there for our opening set and it grew for Bridge City Sinners after us. We feel very fortunate to have closed out this year with a few shows at Dante's. They gave us the opportunity to play for a lot of new faces. And to play with our touring buddies that we haven't seen in years!

That last gig put our show tally at 85 for 2017. It was a our busiest and most ambitious year to date. Merry and I are happy. Things have gone well. We want to make it to 120 shows in 2018. That means lots of time on the road. You can watch for our Spring tour schedule soon. It will bring us all across the country. If you want us to come to your town, we would love to hear from you! 

We will be back in Portland for a very special show on St. Patrick's Day 3/17. More on that soon! The Sunday before that, 3/11, we return to Fort George Brewery in Astoria. The last time through was outstanding. We are happy to be heading back. We will be up in Seattle and Tacoma on 2/16-17. Our first ever show in that area. Spread the word if you can. Meanwhile, we are hunkered down in SE Portland, writing and rehearsing new songs for our upcoming recording session. There's a lot of stuff to say, and we are figuring out how to say it. With any luck we will have a single to share with you in the near future. 

Merry is beginning to edit videos for us! One more skill in her vast quiver of talents. She made this video for "Break Your Fall"  

We hope you dig it. It was made from a collection of short iPhone videos. Some live footage from our tours and also shots of the farming community where we spent a majority of the year. I think she made a rad thing. We will be putting out more videos for the songs on Live at B-Side over this year. 

You can pick up our digital album directly from this website for the very low cost of pay-what-you-want-minimum-five-dollars. LIVE AT B-SIDE

Of course, you can also have a free track if you sign our mailing list!

We've recently released Live at B-Sides on all of your major streaming services. So have at it! You've got plenty of ways to have us on your stereo or earbuds or whatever. Thank you for supporting us along the way. Big thank you to all the music lovers around the country. You really make our world go round.

Summer Tour Wrap Up 

Our second trip around the US this year found us the beneficiaries of good timing and kind people. We ventured on a rough oval-shaped route through the country barely missing some of the key events of this year. We left the Northwest just as it was catching on fire in early August. We were in the path of totality, but left the area the week before the eclispe. We spent the night in Charlottesville, ten days after the Nazi rally. As we drove west, Hurricane Harvey swirled a couple hundred miles to the south. When we made it to Los Angeles, we rubbernecked our way down the 210 highway, gawking at the massive La Tuna wildfire burning in the foreground. The following night we played at Seven Bar in Santa Barbara and the next day, a water spout came in from the ocean and blasted their street, breaking trees in half. When we returned to Oregon, the gorge was on fire. Our van was our view point for a lot of these experiences. Vanna is a helluva partner. It's been an intense year and we were fortunate to experience it out on the road. 

Here was our path:

WA - OR - ID - UT - WY - CO - KS - MO - IL - IN - KY - OH - PA - NY - MA - NJ - DE - MD - DC - VA - WV - NC - TN - AR - OK - TX - NM - AZ - CA - OR - WA

We performed 21 times and participated in 1 wedding. We put about 10k miles on the odometer. We took one rock to the windshield. There were no flat tires but our brake rotors needed to be replaced (luckily we were back in the same town where we originally got them!) We camped often, sometimes surprisingly close to major cities. We saw new species of roadkill: wild boar and porcupine. There were no major injuries or illnesses to report.

It was a great time. A pleasure to see so many faces we knew. We made it a point to stop in our favorite cities and venues from the Spring tour. Merry and I deeply appreciate the opportunities we've had this year. The venues have been great partners and the local people we have met have been open, kind, and fun as hell. I spent a fair amount of time gushing on this subject while we were on the road. We are back home in Cathlamet, WA now, enjoying the approach of Autumn. We will be hunkered down in this region until early spring. For the rest of the country, we will see you soon. In the meantime, we will be performing in the Northwest and getting creative here on the farm. Time for new songs, for new times.


Coast to Coast Summer Tour Begins 

Helllllooo out there. We are starting our second U.S. tour of 2017 on Thursday, August 3 at Tom Grainey's in Boise, ID. It's gonna be a hot one out there. Tomorrow in Portland, OR we are looking at over 105 degrees. Damn. But here we go, regardless. We will be covering some of the same ground we did in the Spring and some new territory as well. Glad to be making our first stops in Provo, UT and Fort Collins, CO, and Chapel Hill, NC. And we hope to see some familiar faces in the towns we are returning to. 

Merry has created a new design for a t-shirt and screen printed poster that we are adding to our merch booth. It was inspired by the rural community we have been living in since our return to the Pacific Northwest in May. It has been a rejuvenating experience with plenty of hard work, beautiful scenery, wildlife, and healthy eating. The barn in the picture sits next door to our farm, abandoned and held captive by the bank which repossessed it. The barn owl in the center of the image was living with his family inside the barn until a great horned owl (also in the picture) came through and devoured them. Farm life is beautiful and harsh. Grab one at a show, or if you miss us, we will put them in our online store when we return in mid September. 

It's been a really nice stay in the Northwest. Special shout to Vancouver, WA and the support we have received in that community. We also have to say that Wildwood Music Festival is the best! It was the perfect size, great production, wonderful stage and sound team, beautiful grounds, and lovely people everywhere. You should keep that on your radar friends. It is awesome! Thanks to everyone who keeps us moving forward. Love you guys!

May thru July in the PNW! 

We have returned from our tour around the US! We traveled through 27 states, playing shows in 24 of them in a crude figure 8 pattern that allowed us to experience all 4 seasons in just 2 months. It was amazing. Thank you to all the people who came out to see us play, housed us, fed us, booked us, and of course to all the bands who played with us. It was a most excellent experience. And we are looking forward to seeing you again in a few months when we trek back across the fruited plain for another US tour. We are booking ourselves back at some of our favorite stops from the first tour plus trying to hit a couple new markets. Dates will be announced in a few weeks! 

If you saw us on tour and didn't take the opportunity to grab some merch, you can get it all right here on our website. Just visit our STORE. Remember, our latest album, Live at B-side, is not available through iTunes, but you can pay what you want (min. $5) for the digital download on our MUSIC page. We sold out of some items while on the road. Thank you! Merry will be designing a new shirt and poster to bring out on this next trip.

We will be in the Pacific Northwest thru the end of July, playing gigs, working on a farm, and writing new material, as well as printing and designing for Mutiny Studios. We have stops in WA in Cathlamet and Vancouver. And in OR in Portland, Seaside, Astoria and McMinnville. We are especially excited to announce that we will be performing at Wildwood Music Fest. This is a great festival in Oregon on 7/21-23 with a stellar line up. You should grab tickets and make plans right away!




Spring Tour on NOW!!! 

We've been on the road for 11 days and had some amazing shows. We are having a blast! The West Coast leg of our national tour is all wrapped up with last night's gig at The Dive Bar in Las Vegas. Thank you to Bianca Bananas and The Scoundrels for teaming up with us once again. It was an epic night. Las Vegas is weird as hell in the best possible way. I have to name drop the other great bands we've played with. Our all-stars: Nocona, Patrolled By Radar, Matt Armor, Wanderlodge/The Matters, Creston Line, Hayley and the Crushers, The Gillbillies, and 50-Watt Heavy. 

Next up is Treefort Music Fest in Boise! Honored to be a part of this festival. Our showcase is at Pengilly's Saloon on Thursday night, but be sure to keep an eye out for the rest of the week as we might be playing some surprise spots as well ;)

One of the best things about touring is meeting the web of music lovers everywhere we go. Sharing the culture and language of music is a beautiful experience. And, practically speaking, you can't tour and live the life without a network of like-minded people as the foundation. We really appreciate the immense support of old friends, and the warmth of the new folks we've met along the way. We wrote Roadkill all those years ago to express that idea. Might be time for another road trip based song. If you can share our upcoming tour dates with friends in reach of our shows, it is a huge help to us. 

East Coast leg of the tour picks up in Cincinnati on Tuesday, March 28 at The Listing Loon with The Perfect Children and Dead Man String Band, followed by a night at The Dream Away Lodge in Beckett, MA. 

A Very Good Night in St. John's plus 2/22 with Amigo the Devil  

If you were one of the 100 or so people at The Fixin' To in St. John's this past Thursday, I think you just saw a little piece of history. Not just because Krist Novacelic, legendary bassist of Nirvana, was playing within arms reach of us mere mortals. Not just because Krist was hanging out in the venue with everyone all night. But because the band he played in, Giants in the Trees, gave a stirring performance in what was their first public show ever. The band is a songwriting partnership between lead singer, and buddy of ours, Jillian Raye and Krist. Jillian gave a dazzling performance and had the crowd mesmerized. We are really excited to see where this project goes. Krist is a funny dude, incredibly easy going and supportive. Cheers to the whole band. 

Henceforth, let 2017 be known as "the year that we got the dude from Nirvana a gig in Portland". We are sure they would have been lost without us ;)

Keep your eyes peeled for more shows from Luke Messimer. He's a skilled song crafter and a busy musician, in multiple bands of different styles. He and his band gave a top shelf performance at the top of the bill.

Next up for us:
- We are opening for Amigo the Devil at The Hawthorne Theatre Lounge on Wednesday 2/22. We are the first opener followed by Adrian H and the Wounds. It's worth mentioning that the great Lucero will be playing the big room at the Theatre that night as well. Check out our calendar for a link to tickets. 
- I (Brian) will be playing a solo acoustic in a songwriter-in-the-round show at The Firkin Tavern on 2/16.
- And you can catch the both of us up in Vancouver at the lovely Loowit Brewing Company for free on Saturday 2/18. 

Getting very excited for the tour. More dates will be announced next week. 

Spring Tour 2017 

We started to book another west coast run, just like we've done many times before. Two weeks on the road and then back home. We did it many times while based in Santa Barbara, and once again after we moved up to Portland. But then it hit us. Why not keep going? It's just the two of us. We have a sweet van and we really enjoy the time on the road. Whenever we finish a tour, we are overwhelmed by the feeling that we were just getting warmed up, that we could have gone for two more weeks at least. But there were always countless reasons why we couldn't make it work. It takes a leap of faith to get to that next level in this business, a leap of faith and a whole bunch of connections and experience gained through years of grinding it out through the good times and bad. Now is the time we take that leap. 

We have released dates for the first leg of our tour. We will be delighted to see our fam in California again, not to mention some of that good ol' sunshine. (It's been a brutal winter in the PNW). We have shows in Cali with some great bands: 50-Watt Heavy, Hayley and the Crushers, The Creston Line, Matt Armor, Patrolled By Radar, and Nocona. And we can not wait for our return to Vegas to reunite with our buds The Scoundrels. That would be enough to float my boat, but there is much more news to come.

On Feb 2nd we will release the second leg of our tour schedule, and we are very pleased to say that it will feature dates in MA, NY, NJ, and PA. After that we will be heading back to the west via the southern route with stops in NC, TN, CO, and AZ. More on that as it unfolds.

We'd love to see you out there. We'd love to hear from you too. Let us know where you'd like us to play and we will do our best to come visit you. 

Live At B-Side Now Available! 

We hope you enjoy it and come out to a show soon. Below is the press release for the album that will give you some insight on the whole thing. 

Portland husband-and-wife duo The Mutineers have just finished their latest self-released album titled Live at B-Side. It features 11 songs recorded live in two days at B-Side Studio in Portland, OR by Raymond Richards (Local Natives, HoneyHoney, The Parson Red Heads).  

    “We made an album without a single overdub, not even the vocals, so people can hear exactly what we sound like as a two-piece.” says guitarist and singer/songwriter Brian Mathusek who founded the band along with wife, drummer and singer Merry Young. The album is their first release since the loss of acoustic guitarist and third founding member Michael Astudillo in 2014. “It’s been difficult to pick up the pieces but we knew we had to keep making music and we wanted a recording that truly reflected our live sound now as a duo.” 

    Known for their cynical, often rebellious, but always honest songs, The Mutineers have not abandoned that spirit. But their latest work digs deeper, reflecting a more aggressive expression of frustration, anger and loss. The first track “Barbara,” starts the album off with a tear-stained farewell letter to their former city. “Break Your Fall” asks haunting questions about addiction. “Drug For That” is a blistering commentary on the over-medication of modern society. “I Will Fight No More” recounts the heartbreaking retreat of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce tribe. “Sell Your Life,” a sardonic pseudo-love song, paints a picture of beautiful people living so-called perfect lives. Also included on the album are newly recorded versions of some old favorites that are no longer in print.  

    The album will be available on CD directly from the band and can be ordered from their website ( Digitally, it will be available for purchase through limited outlets but not on the streaming services. The CD packaging for the album was made entirely by the musicians themselves. Young created the artwork and Mathusek screen printed each color by hand. Then they cut, glued, numbered and hand-assembled each one. They also screen print all of their own T-shirts and posters and offer their services to other bands as well. Their company Mutiny Studios ( has designed and printed for many artists including Motörhead, Suicidal Tendencies, Quicksilver Messenger Service and a long list of local and national bands. 

    The Mutineers will be playing throughout the Pacific Northwest this winter with plans for a national tour starting in Spring of 2017. 

Tour Dates

Date Event Location
The Mutineers @ Dante's in Portland, OR Dante's, Portland, OR Dante's, Portland, OR
The Mutineers @ hq in La Grande, OR hq, La Grande, OR hq, La Grande, OR
The Mutineers @ Treefort Music Fest in Boise, ID Treefort Music Fest, Boise, ID Treefort Music Fest, Boise, ID
The Mutineers @ Port O' Pints in Crescent City, CA Port O' Pints, Crescent City, CA Port O' Pints, Crescent City, CA
The Mutineers @ Mad River Brewing in Blue Lake, CA Mad River Brewing, Blue Lake, CA Mad River Brewing, Blue Lake, CA
The Mutineers @ Fox & Goose Public House in Sacramento, CA Fox & Goose Public House, Sacramento, CA Fox & Goose Public House, Sacramento, CA
The Mutineers @ Papermill Creek Saloon in Forest Knolls, CA Papermill Creek Saloon, Forest Knolls, CA Papermill Creek Saloon, Forest Knolls, CA
The Mutineers @ Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, CA Lagunitas Brewing Company, Petaluma, CA Lagunitas Brewing Company, Petaluma, CA
The Mutineers @ Boo Boo Records in San Luis Obispo, CA Boo Boo Records , San Luis Obispo, CA Boo Boo Records , San Luis Obispo, CA
The Mutineers @ The Siren in Morro Bay, CA The Siren, Morro Bay, CA The Siren, Morro Bay, CA
The Mutineers @ The Brewhouse in Santa Barbara, CA The Brewhouse, Santa Barbara, CA The Brewhouse, Santa Barbara, CA
The Mutineers @ The Cinema Bar in Culver City, CA The Cinema Bar, Culver City, CA The Cinema Bar, Culver City, CA
The Mutineers @ The Dive Bar in Las Vegas, NV The Dive Bar, Las Vegas, NV The Dive Bar, Las Vegas, NV
The Mutineers @ Marble Brewing in Albuquerque, NM Marble Brewing, Albuquerque, NM Marble Brewing, Albuquerque, NM
The Mutineers @ Beerland in Austin, TX Beerland, Austin, TX Beerland, Austin, TX
The Mutineers @ the 5 Spot in Nashville, TN the 5 Spot, Nashville, TN the 5 Spot, Nashville, TN
The Mutineers @ Static Age Records in Asheville, NC Static Age Records, Asheville, NC Static Age Records, Asheville, NC
The Mutineers @ Tommy’s Pub in Charlotte, NC Tommy’s Pub, Charlotte, NC Tommy’s Pub, Charlotte, NC
The Mutineers @ Monstercade in Winston-Salem, NC Monstercade , Winston-Salem, NC Monstercade , Winston-Salem, NC
The Mutineers @ The Pompei Lounge in Staunton, VA The Pompei Lounge, Staunton, VA The Pompei Lounge, Staunton, VA

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