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Slough Rats, Crawfish Boil, and Other Summer Goodness 

The Summer visited us early in the Pacific Northwest. We had some lovely weather to travel and tour our region in the past month. We just returned to the farm. It's back to cool and rainy. I'm not unhappy with it. I love the rain. Sooner or later, real Summer will show up and we have some fun things lined up for it. Here are the highlights:

Saturday, May 25 at the Skamokawa Grange with Wanderlodge. Merry and I will team up with our friends, Austin & Emlen, to create a four-piece act we are calling The Slough Rats. We will be playing a few Mutineers songs, a few of their tracks, and a few select covers. Across the road from the Grange is Vista Park. It has a beach on the river and a bunch of camping and other facilities to rent. Come spend Memorial Day weekend with us. The show is $10 at the door. 

Thursday, July 4, The 38th Annual Crawfish Boil $30 gets you all day hourly crawfish and shrimp boil, a food ticket to go through the buffet line, 5 drink tickets, and performances by 11 awesome bands from noon till 10pm! This is going to be an insanely good time. If you are near Portland, do this for Independence Day. Tickets are available now:

Saturday, July 13, at The Olympic, Boise, ID with Messimer and Rider Soran. Luke Messimer writes great songs. And he can sing the hell out of them. Messimer was one of our favorite acts of Treeforts past. Rider Soran, from Boise's Marshall Poole, has a new country band he is leading and we can't wait to hear what he's got going on. The Olympic is awesome. Can't wait for this show and our return to Boise. This is part of a longer tour through Idaho, Montana, and eastern Washington/Oregon. 

Friday, August 30, Walnut City Fest, McMinnville, OR. They have already announced the lineup for this end of the summer music festival in wine country. Our friends, the very talented MAITA, are on the bill along with the mighty Yawpers. It's a two day festival in the park with after parties in the nearby bars. Get it on your calendars too. 

NW Spring Dates/Straight Into The Sun Tour 

California gave us a dose of Springtime that we severely needed after a typical PNW Winter. It was so gorgeous down south after all the rain. And, hey, the shows were pretty damn good too! We broke some new ground on this tour. New venues and towns. New songs. New friends. We are plotting our return already.  

The Spring tour dates roll on up here in the great Northwest. Here's the updated tour poster. We have our screen printed limited edition version at our merch table. It has metallic silver ink. Looks faaarrrrr ooouuuut. Only about a dozen or so left of 50. We also have an epic tour shirt that pays homage to E.T. Check them out at the shows.

From the Dirge to the Dance just turned 8 years old the other day. I'm a whole mess of emotions about that. It was our last release with Michael and Terry still with us. We did record a single with a b-side and sent it to a few radio stations but it was never released publicly. Hard to believe it took 5 years to release anything else. Time just slips away, and those were some tumultuous years for us. I'm proud of that album, although I have a tough time listening to it. I'd love to have another shot at those songs, and it breaks my heart to hear us playing with Michael. Gotta be careful with painful nostalgia...

It's been a while, but the focus and creativity are back. We are rehearsing new material during this round of touring. With your support, we will get back into the studio this year and get a new batch of songs to you before too long.  


California Here We Come (Again) 

Folks, I missed my first blog update of the year. How could I? And with such a nice start too. It all began with our traditional January wood-shedding. Last year we spent that month working on what would become our Threshold EP. This January there was no recording, but plenty of writing and rehearsing. We have another batch of new songs to try out this Spring. Plus, Merry and I began working on a new side project so we can have plenty of opportunity to hustle and make a life out of music. It's called, Burt & Myrtle, a cover act focused on some of the most romantic and heart- wrenching songs we know. Our first gig is tonight, playing a private Valentine's Day show in Cathlamet, WA. We will direct you to more info about Burt & Myrtle in the coming months. 

Meanwhile, we set up a couple of weeks of shows in California, Nevada, and Oregon for March-April. We have decided to wait until Fall to cross the Rockies for another U.S. tour. West Coast tour dates will be posted soon. 2019 began with a mini tour starting on Feb. 1 in Vancouver, WA and then continued on to Salem and Astoria, OR, followed by dates in Seattle and Tacoma. Things got really messy up north during our trip, and we woke up after our gig in Tacoma to about 6 inches of snow. The forecast was bad and the roads were horrible, so we decided (with the support of the venue) to cancel our show in Olympia. It was going to be our first show in that city but it will have to wait. We rescheduled at The Pig Bar for May 11. Sorry to anyone who had that canceled show on their calendar, but it did seem like just about everyone wanted to stay home on that snowy, icy day.

I have to mention the support we received at Fort George in Astoria. It was Super Bowl Sunday with snow in the forecast. Everyone was bracing us for a very slow night, but instead we had a great turnout, with much thanks to all the folks who came back to see us after catching us last year at the same time. Your enthusiasm was intoxicating. And so was the beer. We raise our glasses to you Astoria and Fort George Brewery. Cheers!

We will be back in the shed again for a bit before our tour schedule really picks up. It all begins with a show we are very excited about, St. Paddy's Day (eve) with Casey Neill and the Norway Rats at Alberta Street Pub in Portland, OR. Casey put out a fantastic album last year, Subterrene. 3/16 is sure to be a blast. Tickets are available now at: Tickets Here!

After that, we head south with stops in Medford, Reno, Mariposa, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Highland Park, Sacramento, and more to come. We return to the PNW in April and will be playing in the larger region through the Summer. Hope you all are having a cozy winter. See you soon. 



2018 Year in Review 

We are closing out the year with a few more shows in the PNW. First Merry and I host our annual Holiday Spectacular here in Cathlamet with the help of our local musician friends. We will be performing classic and not so classic holiday and seasonal songs in a variety show format on Saturday 12/22 at River Mile 38 Brewing. Then on Saturday 12/29 we head into SW Portland, OR to join Paul Mauer and The Silence, and Castles at Buffalo Gap. And finally, we end the year with our good friends in Seaside, OR on NYE for a private party at Seaside Brewing Company. January will be a quiet one for us out in the clubs. We will be back at it in February with shows in Salem, Astoria, Vancouver, Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia. And of course, we have a great show to announce for St. Paddy's Day weekend. I mean, it's tradition at this point right? Keep an eye out for more announcements.

Here's the YEAR IN REVIEW:

In the early months of 2018 we began working on our new EP, Threshold, while cat-sitting for a friend in Portland. We recorded most of the album during a particularly cold January at B-Side Studio, the same studio where we had recorded our last release. Everything felt great working with engineer Raymond Richards again. Right around the same time came a late night message from an admittedly buzzed up Clovis IV. He had this crazy idea (perhaps wine-influenced) to drive up from California to our off-tour home in Cathlamet, WA and work on a music video for the band. To his credit, when he woke up the next day and realized what he had committed himself to, he stuck with it. In the damp and cold of February we slogged through the muddy farms in search of great scenery and production ideas for two videos. We worked our asses off for three days, getting enough material for "Drug For That" and leaving more work to be done for "Afterthought". Meanwhile, I was finishing up the booking for our ambitious 3 month Spring tour as Merry designed new promo and merch material. Before we knew it, we were back at Treefort Music Festival having an unadulterated blast. The tour was off and running. It was indeed ambitious. We played a lot of regions for the first time: the northern Cali coast, Texas, Nashville, Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Iowa, Montana. By the end of over 12 weeks on the road, I admit, I was spent. I couldn't wrap my head around anymore time in a moving van. We had it in mind to spend the rest of the year in the Pacific NW, but I, of course, had already committed us to several dates on an Autumn tour. No rest for the weary, we immediately began to fill up the dates in September to head back east. At the same time, we went back into the studio to finish up our EP. As the songs one by one got their finishing touches, we began to feel more and more excited about the project. Clovis had completed the final cut of "Drug For That", so we teamed up with Shameless Promotion PR to create a plan to release the video, followed by full promotion of our EP. Fortunately for us, Merry had our artwork ready for the CD cover and all the promo material for the release and tour. It helps to have design "in-house"!! By the end of August, Clovis was back on the farm with us filming the video for "Afterthought". Another whirlwind 3 days of work, but this time in the dead of summer heat. Finally, with just a few days to spare before hitting the road again, I finished screen printing our album covers and mailed off the first promotional copies of the CDs to radio stations and other outlets on our tour schedule. Shauna, at Shameless, was getting great reviews for our singles and EP ahead of its official release on the second day of tour. We made some killer last minute changes to our tour van and then, once again, we were off on the road, our fourth national tour in two years.

Three weeks into our tour, with the EP getting lots of reviews and features in the US and abroad, we released the video for "Afterthought". As of writing this entry, "Afterthought" has been viewed over 12,000 times on Youtube in the two months since its release. We are a humble band and it's a delight to see that our music and art are getting seen and enjoyed around the globe. It's a dangerous thing to focus on social media numbers of any kind. They can be manipulated by all sorts of entities. They can give the illusion of success or failure. They don't tell the full story. But they tell A story. The story here, I think, is that we have a piece of art that people are enjoying and sharing. For a DIY act especially, you need fans to magnify your efforts. You need someone other than yourself and your circle of friends to say "This is good stuff!" Having a great video can do just that, grab people's attention who have never seen your name before. Clovis did a beautiful job creating mood and bringing this video to life. Shameless Promotion got in front of people who would love it. The ball is rolling and seems to have momentum. I think this EP has some legs on it. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us! You can help us reach even more people by adding our videos to your Youtube playlists, or our songs to your Spotify playlists. These two avenues seem to be the number one way people are finding out about music these days. We are fortunate that the listeners can now play a role in who gets noticed in this industry. 

84 shows this year. My goal was 100. I fell short, but I don't feel bad about it. As a two person team, we can only do so much. Booking is a pain in the ass. There's always more that could have been done with more time and energy. In January, I'll let you know what we are excited about in the year to come. But as for 2018, we have never had a busier year as band. We have gotten better as musicians, we have learned a lot about the business, and we have produced art that we are extremely proud of. I'm hoping that this year finds us creating many many new songs as we continue to support Threshold. We want to be ready to record again soon! Cheers to you and yours this holiday season. 


Portland to Portland Wraps Up + Upcoming PNW Shows 

November 2018: We have returned to the PNW for the winter. The Portland to Portland tour was a blast. Two months on the road supporting the release of our new EP, Threshold, and it's accompanying videos for Drug For That and Afterthought. There was some really great press for this material, coming from here in the States, Europe, the UK, and Mexico. Check out some of the reviews, premiers, and interviews on our BIO/Contact page. Special thanks to Clovis IV and Shameless Promotion PR for helping get our music in front of people across the globe! You can download Threshold from our site HERE. Currently, our limited edition screen printed Threshold CDs are only available at shows. Or if Spotify is your thing, our entire catalog is now available to stream to your hearts content. 

Before I get to the tour wrap up, we have some shows coming up in the Northwest. We are very excited for our first performance at Wildwood Hotel in Willamina, OR on Friday, November 30th. We are joining Alex Salcido of The Harmed Brothers, I think this one is worth a road trip! You should book a room at the hotel and enjoy a cozy autumn night with us. Go HERE to check out the rooms at the hotel. 

We are returning to Seaside Brewery for our yearly holiday season visit. Our chance to hang out with the coastal locals! Sunday, December 2 starting at 7:30p. It's going to be a grand reunion. Speaking of reunions, we will be back at Trap Door Brewing in Vancouver once again for the Ugly Sweater contest on December 15. Our third year in a row? It's all a blur of atrocious knitting... We haven't played in Vancouver in about a year, it will be good to be back in town. See you soon. 

Back to the tour... We raced out of California once again as the fires were exploding and this time, in the wake of a tragic bar room shooting spree. It was hot in SoCal in November. Everything is parched and/or recently burned. The landscape looked drastically different from when we moved there in 2006. Mass shootings at music venues had not yet become a trend. What a difference 12 years makes.

But within our world of playing music in SB, Ventura, and LA, those 12 years have led to some happy progress. The Cinema Bar in Culver City was a really positive night for us, once again, with thanks to Jay Souza of Patrolled By Radar. Hoping we can build on that and continue to explore LA this summer. That was followed by one of the most fun shows Merry and I have played. Maverick Saloon was a bit of a risky bet for us. We hoped we could get folks to come out from across the county to help us fill up that big honky tonk, and despite the somewhat sketchy mountain drive from SB, you did not disappoint. I was coming off of a cold that had left me pretty lifeless since North Carolina. It was the first night I felt 100%. Earlier in the day we went to Seven Bar in Santa Barbara to check in with our roots. It's the bar that was founded by our fallen bandmate, Michael. There's a small shrine to him tucked above the bar where we pay our respects. It's also the place where Merry and I were married. Stopping in always gives us a boost of energy and confidence. It's exactly the same boost we would get from Mikey before a show. So once Matt Armor had gotten the crowd moving with his incredible set at the Mav, and our sound check gave us exactly what we needed, and we were fueled by our pilgrimage, it was the perfect formula for a rocking show. There were great dancers, people getting up on stage to rock out, lots of voices singing along, dead quiet when we played our ballads, and a lone "circle pit" enthusiast during Drug For That. An incredibly positive night for us. Thank you all.

We were still on cloud 9 the next morning, after being cared for by our friends at Lion Eye Farms, when we started out for our Ventura gig at MadeWest Brewing. Our set was graciously received by an audience that had clearly come out for beer more than music. It was a happy surprise for us to get that giant room's attention for our set. But the real bonus to the show, from our perspective, was hearing our friends, The Detroit Sportsmen's Congress, bust out a version of our rarely heard song, "Sayonara, Senorita". It's a waltzy, indie-folk song off of our EP Nihilisteria from 2009. The DSC is a fantastic band with a soulful groove behind their Americana rock. Their set was amazing. They took our quirky and halting indie folk song and passed it through The Pogues/Dylan filter, with a big assist from Ben Saunders' accordion, and smoothed our waltz into a great jam. Well done my friends. It really is an honor to have someone play our song. You can see a clip of it on our FB feed.

That weekend was a real high point of the tour, and it was perfectly placed towards the end of the schedule. A two month tour has its peaks and valleys. Here are some other peak moments:

Charlotte, NC at The Evening Muse: We've played many shows with Drunken Prayer in our history, but this one was clearly one of the best performances by Morgan Geer we have seen. Solo, with his new Gretch Country Gentleman through my Fender Deluxe, the guitar tone was juicy and rich. But it was the vocals that really put the show over the top. Morgan played a bunch of tracks from his forthcoming album along with the best of his catalog. A beautiful room, it was an honor to play there.

Washington, D.C. at The Pie Shop: What a great new venue. Some of the best staff we have run across. Top shelf equipment. And The Highballers! Those guys rocked our worlds. They release their new album next week. If you are in DC go support The Pie Shop. We need venues like that in this world. And go see The Highballers so they can honky tonk the shit out of you. 

Jersey: What can we say? You folks come through time and time again, and you bring new friends with you. It's a huge pleasure to return. Special thanks to Rob Miceli for the hospitality. And to Gerry's Place for making us feel at home. Our second gig in NJ, in Jersey City at Pet Shop, was the surprise show of the tour. On a Tuesday night, with bands we hadn't met before, in the basement of a club we have never played, in a city where we have never played, we had a great show. I won't forget the odd moment while we were loading out. People had been really responsive to our set and saying positive things to us afterwards. A member of the following band stopped me to say he enjoyed the set and "Don't give up! Don't quit!" It was oddly unsettling and comforting at the same time. It was a refrain we heard throughout the tour, all across the country. People know that the odds are against anyone trying to make a living playing original music. They understand that the world is always hinting at you to move on to something safer and more secure. They see the grind of loading and unloading for our 40 minutes under the lights (if there are lights). They know there isn't much money in it. They guess, correctly, that we often have no idea where we will sleep that night. But they want us to be out there doing the thing night after night. I think it gives folks some kind of happiness to imagine a band on the road, living a free life. It's nice to know that they recognize the struggle and offer their support. Those are almost always the same folks who shop at the merch booth btw ;)

Becket, MA at Dream Away: It was our third stay at Dream Away. You've probably read me gushing over it in previous tour posts. This time was no different. After much experimentation with the electric guitar in small rooms, we finally tuned up our sound to work with an all acoustic guitar show. Most of what we changed was on the sound engineering end, but we also approached our more rocking tracks with a different style that leaned more toward Velvet Underground than X on our heavier material. We also put most of the emphasis on the vocals over the guitar and drums. The audience response was great and we felt like we had hit on something really good. I predict an acoustic album in our future. 

I won't linger on the low points. They can be fun to laugh about in retrospect, but most of mine involve sweating profusely in the van in 36 degrees or being in a fever haze while on stage. That didn't last for more than a few shows tho. Kansas needs to learn how to Autumn. I mean really? 95 degrees in late September? sheesh. I feel lousy we didn't play in the midwest on the way back to the west coast. I would have liked to try Nashville again as well. Oh well, we will get em next time.

We will be playing in the PNW through the rest of autumn and the winter. Spring plans are already in the works. Hope y'all are doing well out there. Thank you to all the new email list members! Thanks for all the support.

"Afterthought" Video Premier / Halfway Point of the Tour 

We are very excited to share our latest video collaboration with Clovis IV. Our video for our second single "Afterthought" premiered last Friday on Rebel Noise. You can check out the video and see what they had to say about it here:

Or watch it right here:

Our most important relationships are the ones we are most likely to take for granted. Friends, lovers, and family grow weary of each other’s weaknesses and shortcomings over the years. We forget the struggles and victories of the past. Our long term relationships can become emotional traps or they can help us evolve. Afterthought is a warning to those of us who have not recognized the challenge in our midst.


We are 16 shows deep into our Portland to Portland Tour. Big thanks and hugs to some key players so far: Raymond Richards for coming out to Boise to play bass!! All my cousins in Utah who always show so much love! Raymond Greico for saving the night in Denver! Mark at Extension Cord for making Milwaukee feel like home! John Salvage for doing everything for us Detroit! The whole damn Five O'clock Lounge family! Brian Verga for saving the night in Pittsburgh! Christian Marie for the same in Portland! And especially Rob Miceli for giving us safe haven in NJ for this long stretch. 

We've continued to meet outstanding bar owners and patrons on this tour. We have hit about half new venues and half are return trips. And because you are so supportive and encouraging we just keep doing this thing. If you want us to stop, you are going to have to stop treating us like family!

We hit the "other" Portland last weekend (our first trip to Maine). New England was gorgeous this time of year, as you might guess. Up in the mountains the leaves were on fire with brilliant autumn color. We got to spend one night camping in Green Mountain National Forest. That was a treat. And we wrapped up that part of the tour at Dream Away Lodge in Becket, MA. It was our third time performing there and it has been a highlight of each tour. At the Dream Away and the night before in Portland, we played without the electric guitar and went fully acoustic. It was surprisingly satisfying. We love rocking out and think that is part of our band persona, but there was something that just seemed right about those sets. Maybe it's the space it gave us to focus on the vocals above all else. Maybe it's a bit of Michael's spirit coming through his acoustic guitar. Whatever it was, it made us consider playing in that arrangement more often. We would love to get a live recording and offer The Mutineers Unplugged. 

We head south next week. For most of this tour we have been playing alone, and have only played with other bands at a few shows. On this stretch we get to team up with some really great acts. Friday 10/19 seems like a potential candidate for best show of the tour. We will be rocking the new venue above the Dangerously Delicious Pie Shop on H Street in Washington, DC. We will be opening the night for two great acts: Wonky Tonk and The Highballers. There's so much quality right there, I can barely stand it. A couple nights later, we have another solid bill with Richmond's own The Atkinsons at Cary St Cafe.

We follow up that week with three dates in North Carolina. We will be performing as the backing band for Drunken Prayer in what we hope is a preview of some extensive touring together next spring. We will of course be doing double duty and performing our own sets as well. Our buddies The Turkey Buzzards are touring out of California as well and we will get two nights with them as well. Really fun times ahead.

We will be shooting directly across the country after NC for our west coast dates. But do not despair, we have plans to return in the Spring to hit all the spots we missed on this tour. The west coast lineup is intense and I think it deserves its own blog post. So check back in a couple weeks for the next update. As always, please help us spread the word about upcoming shows.

"Couldn't Get Over You" Premiere On Big Takeover has the exclusive premiere of our newest single, "Couldn't Get Over You", off of the forthcoming, Threshold EP. Streaming now with a delightful review by writer, Jen Dan.

It's really exciting to get press for our songs, but even more so when the author is able to see into your heart's deepest desires. We can not think of a higher compliment than to suggest that we would be invited to play the stage at The Roadhouse from Twin Peaks: The Return. Thank you Big Takeover!

"One foot firmly in the Americana camp and one in old time rock n’ roll. A familiar warm feeling comes as with many Elvis Presley songs and some of the more mellow output by The White Stripes, though this track could easily fit in the final club scene that ended David Lynch’s recent season of ‘Twin Peaks’. Excellent, harmonious, sincere and catchy – a winning formula." – Big Takeover Magazine on The Mutineers' latest single, "Couldn't Get Over You"

This first release features Merry on lead vocals with Brian adding harmonies on the chorus. It signals some of the changes in our creative direction that began on Live at B-Side. We are going to continue to grow and change and hope you will stick around for the ride! Threshold will be released 9/14. You can pre-order the EP on Bandcamp now. Get an immediate download of "Drug For That" with your pre-order. PRE-ORDER THRESHOLD ON BANDCAMP

Our video for "Drug For That" directed by Clovis IV has been getting hundreds of new views! Thanks for your shares and your support. This past weekend we wrapped up shooting for another video single with Clovis. This one will be dripping in it's own peculiar, slightly creepy mood. Can't wait to share it with you all. In the meantime, keep an eye on our tour schedule. We will be all over the country this Fall. 


We finished our EP, THRESHOLD, and we will soon be ready to release it to the world. On September 14th, we will have our CD Release Show at tHe FuNkY tAco in Boise, ID. It will also be available across online platforms after that date. We have 5 songs for you to chew on. They mark a bit of a shift in our style. We produced all of the tracks with Raymond Richards, who also engineered Live at B-side, and together we added all the instrumentation we thought the songs deserved. We will still be touring as a duo, but it was a pleasure to flush out these songs as bigger arrangements. Raymond played bass throughout the EP and added sweet pedal steel, some percussion, and extra electric guitar on various songs. You'll get a bigger dose of Merry's vocals on this recording, and you will hear me playing the Hammond here and there. We used our departed brother Michael's acoustic guitar as well. I don't think you can play that instrument without sounding like him. It's sort of a conduit for his voice on this EP. Very happy to have that voice coming through in the mix. 

You can check out the track list with an incredibly short preview clip of each song HERE (haven't figured out how to customize the preview, sorry!). 


We begin our fall tour in support of our new EP this weekend in Portland, Oregon at Kelly's Olympian with Drunken Prayer and Hearts of Oak. Seven weeks later, after 15 dates as we cross the country, we will be in Portland, Maine, in the peak of the fall foliage. We absolutely booked our tour to be in that neck of the woods at that specific time. It's going to be lovely. After some time in the Northeast, we will head south to some familiar spots for us in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. The final leg of the tour starts in Las Vegas on 11/1, heads down into Los Angeles, and slowly makes its way north through Cali and back into Oregon. I've put up the first 17 or so dates of the tour and I'll be adding more throughout this week. We really hope to see you out there, so mark your calendars, tell a friend, and grab a copy of the new EP! As always we will have a limited amount of our self-printed, handmade CDs available directly from us. You can also pre-order the digital EP from bandcamp. Thank you for the support!

NEW VIDEO! "Drug For That" directed by Clovis IV 

"Drug For That" has a video! We worked with our long time friend and collaborator Clovis IV to produce this video in the area surrounding our home in Southeast Washington. It's a place where decay and growth are intermingled. The beautiful buildings, that must have once held so much promise, are left to rot away. They are the shadows of someone else's dream. We thought it made for a striking backdrop to this video.

This song is for those who haven't bought into the idea of American Exceptionalism, and to those of you who would like to get back to the basics of life. 

Check it out and share with friends. 

The Tour Is Over, Long Live The Tour 

Eleven weeks and some 10,000 miles later, we have returned to our home base down on the Lower Columbia River. Spring is giving way to summer. The farm is looking beautiful. We are settling in to the loft featured in this photo for a few months.There will be farm work, and there will be writing and rehearsing for the new album, and there will be booking of our fall tour.

We will also have a handful of shows in the region. We will headline the stage 7/21 for Bald Eagle Days here in Cathlamet, WA, joined by Tom Armstrong, and The Dead Hollows among other featured guests from the community. Down in Portland, on July 1st we will play a songwriter showcase at Alberta St. Pub, that will be acoustic guitar and sans drums. The full rock setup will be on display in Portland on 7/26 with the mighty Rootjack. More details on that will be added soon. And this weekend we will officially finish off our Spring Tour dates up in Northern Washington with three shows.

Our Instagram profile has all of our best tour pics @themutineers. We keep that updated often from the road. A link to our profile and some of the latest pics in the feed are right here on our video/photo page. BTW it's almost entirely different content from what we post to FB. We try to keep it interesting, folks. 

And now for your brief tour highlights (see our previous blog for Treefort wrap up):

There was decidedly less roadkill on this trip than on previous tours, but I do believe I saw a chicken who failed to make it to the other side of the road. In northern California we communed with new friends inside of an enormous redwood stump that had been burned and hollowed out by a lightning strike. After our performance, Lagunitas Brewery sent us on our way with 54 beers. It was one hell of an Easter basket. Listen to the music of The Creston Line, Loose Engines, and RJ Bloke, three California bands that we would always, always be happy to play with. Something about that show at The Cinema Bar got us feeling like a million bucks. Maybe it was having Jeffrey Marroquin write our set lists for us! Or maybe its the afterglow of being with our SB family! <3

We traveled into space once again with The Scoundrels in Las Vegas. Smokin' Sundays... A haze of blue memories. Tell Alexa to play their latest album for you. Mike lent me his green custom Gibson SG so that I could have an actual back up guitar on tour. It came in handy three times. Thank you Mike!!! She's coming back to you in the fall! Hopefully after we return for a fourth time to Albuquerque because Marble Brewery is always a pleasure. I can't shake the image of that talking unicorn tho.

Texas was ok. Jenny introduced us to kind folks who live in a hexagonal tree house. There seemed to be a group shower room there. We found that we shared a recording engineer (Raymond Richards) with the band (Will Courtney) we played with in Austin. Jacob Furr helped us achieve emotional balance after playing for two hours to several hamburgers in Fort Worth. And it all took place during an early spring heat wave. Hello 95 degrees in April! But the weather broke and we found ourselves in Hot Springs, Arkansas discovering that it existed. It was 40 degrees that night. We didn't leave the woods again until it was time to play Nashville with Matt Woods. Out of the woods and into the arms of the handsomest sasquatch. 

Asheville, Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Staunton. We played with, and sometimes in Drunken Prayer. We ate fried chicken as often as we could. We listened to a 5-record live anthology of Bruce Springsteen one night. But mostly we listened to John Wayne, Texas Funeral. Morgan cooked marshmallows over the bbq. 5 year old Leon sang "We're Not Gonna Take It" at 1 a.m. Once again, I made baked rigatoni (no surprises here). I regret nothing. 

In Lexington, KY we picked up a show by walking into a bar and asking. Everyone was nice. We did our third run through Cinci and Cleveland. The Perfect Children got yet another powerhouse singer in the band. They now have the sonic power to shatter entire city blocks of windows. And to The 5 O'clock Lounge I say, Be warned! If you keep treating us so kindly, we are going to keep returning. Our first show in Detroit was on Mothers Day. No one brought mom except John Salvage who they call The Hamtramck Springsteen. Deservedly so. Santa Cruz Batman was there, he knows. He gave us a healthy bit of advice. Keep it weird, he said. Huge respect to the great show put on by Connor Dodson and Quick Draw even though none of their mothers showed up, I don't think. 

Up and over the U.P. All the trees lost their leaves again. The great lakes are as blue as the Caribbean, but they are cold. It was only the beginning of spring there and Matt Sayles took us to the family cabin to see where he'll post up when the shit goes down. When we got to Milwaukee, it was almost winter again. I bought a book about a volcano. Our friends at Extension Cord gave us a lovely introduction to a town we had never experienced before. Also, you simply can not top their care package. Wild Turkey 101 and beef jerky!!!! Also, there are more bars in Milwaukee than traffic lights, maybe. Minneapolis was the most diverse group of people you are likely to see in a bar. We were on turf known as Somali-land. It felt like nowhere else in the U.S. We had a blast!

We got an interview on KRFC before our show in Fort Collins. We played with DW Doucet and will do so again in the fall. And the camping got real good. The rivers were running fast. The trees were giving shade. The mountain air was cool. We tried to go to Arches National Park on Memorial Day weekend. Don't do that. But we saw Canyonlands anyway before heading to our Provo show with John Ross Boyce. After meeting a cat named Sharpie and communing with family, we headed into the last week of the tour. We had to kill four days in the mountains surrounding Bozeman, MT. I think Montana in the late spring is about as close to heaven as you're likely to find. We drove home after our gig and listened to 10 hours of podcasts about Twin Peaks: The Return. 


Best Burger - Lagunitas Brewery, Petaluma, CA

Best Whiskey & Soda - Al's Bar, Lexington, KY

Best Bathroom Graffiti - Fred's Texas Cafe, Ft. Worth (a long form trumper vs anti-trumper insult competition)

Most Stairs to Performance Space - The Pompei Lounge, Staunton, VA


Tour Dates

Date Event Location
The Mutineers @ West Valley Shakers and The Mutineers West Valley Shakers and The Mutineers, Salem, OR West Valley Shakers and The Mutineers, Salem, OR
The Mutineers @ Skyline Tavern Skyline Tavern, Portland, OR Skyline Tavern, Portland, OR
The Mutineers @ Loco House Loco House, Bend, OR Loco House, Bend, OR
The Mutineers @ Rivertap Pub Rivertap Pub, The Dalles, OR Rivertap Pub, The Dalles, OR
The Mutineers @ 38th Annual Crawfish Boil 38th Annual Crawfish Boil, Portland, OR 38th Annual Crawfish Boil, Portland, OR
The Mutineers @ Side A Brewing Side A Brewing, La Grande, OR Side A Brewing, La Grande, OR
The Mutineers @ The Olympic Venue The Olympic Venue, Boise, ID The Olympic Venue, Boise, ID
The Mutineers @ Burgdorf Hot Springs Burgdorf Hot Springs, Mccall, ID Burgdorf Hot Springs, Mccall, ID
The Mutineers @ The Back Alley Pub The Back Alley Pub, Great Falls, MT The Back Alley Pub, Great Falls, MT
The Mutineers @ Lewis & Clark Tap Room Lewis & Clark Tap Room, Helena, MT Lewis & Clark Tap Room, Helena, MT
The Mutineers @ Veterans for Foreign War Post 209 Veterans for Foreign War Post 209, Missoula, MT Veterans for Foreign War Post 209, Missoula, MT
The Mutineers @ Matchwood Brewing Company Matchwood Brewing Company, Sandpoint, ID Matchwood Brewing Company, Sandpoint, ID
The Mutineers @ Stonefly Lounge Stonefly Lounge, Coram, MT Stonefly Lounge, Coram, MT
The Mutineers @ Indian Goat and The Mutineers Indian Goat and The Mutineers, Spokane, WA Indian Goat and The Mutineers, Spokane, WA
The Mutineers @ The Deadhollows and The Mutineers The Deadhollows and The Mutineers, Olympia, WA The Deadhollows and The Mutineers, Olympia, WA
The Mutineers @ The Deadhollows and The Mutineers in Chehalis The Deadhollows and The Mutineers in Chehalis, Chehalis, WA The Deadhollows and The Mutineers in Chehalis, Chehalis, WA
The Mutineers @ Walnut City Music Fest Walnut City Music Fest, Mcminnville, OR Walnut City Music Fest, Mcminnville, OR

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