After 16 years of rocking, we bid you farewell!

And now the end is here 
And so I face that final curtain 
My friend I'll make it clear 
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain 
I've lived a life that's full 
I traveled each and every highway 
And more, much more than this
We did it our way...

*clears lump from throat*

First off, we love you all. The friends we have made as a traveling musical duo are now part of the fabric of our history. Everyone we met along the way will be in a scene in our eventual bio pic if I have anything to say about it. We have a few final shows on our schedule and then the band is going to vanish like Bilbo at his birthday party. Life has been an adventure for us, but it’s time for us to focus on our next chapter and that, unfortunately, has a different plot line. So we hope you will come out for a last hoorah or two. Our final shows will be in Seattle, Bremerton, Portland, and Astoria. Thank you, thank you, thank you for every bit of support you’ve given us. There are too many people and memories to recount here. But if you are reading this we probably know you - by face if not by name. (Sorry I’m so bad with names!) It has been a good run and a pleasure seeing you out there. To every person who has come out to a show... to every band that has shared a stage with us... to every friend or stranger that has invited us to crash at their place... to everyone who has ever bought merch or supported our Kickstarter... to the sound and recording engineers... to the bookers and promoters... to everyone who offered a kind word of support for our efforts... To all my friends!! Thank you, we love you, and fare well

I have marked down everything in our store 50% if you want some cool shit while helping us clean out our closet.

*puts magic ring on finger and vanishes*