Treefort 10 here we come... and The Mellowneers?

The Mutineers will be at Treefort Music Fest 10 in Boise, ID on March 27th at Pengilly's Saloon in support of Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band! GET YOUR FULL FESTIVAL OR SINGLE DAY PASSES HERE

Back around 2010 or so we were playing a lot of local gigs in Santa Barbara, CA. Our good friend Bill Lewis owned Muddy Waters Cafe and was hosting great indie music on a regular basis. We were fortunate to be called on to support touring bands when they came through town. One of those shows was with Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band. The Rev was in his second or third year of the road grind. Playing 200+ gigs a year out of a conversion van with his wife Breezy and his cousin Cuz. They were a force of nature and completely floored us with their energy, showmanship, and authenticity. I watched everything they did from soundcheck to show finale with intent because I realized very quickly that they were doing something next level, something special. We had the opportunity to kick back and talk shop after the show and that little chat, with all its hard fought wisdom, remains with me to this day. We've had the chance to reunite a couple more times since then and its always a really pleasure. So we are very excited that our return to Treefort Music Fest in Boise, ID will be in support of The Rev. You should definitely come to the fest and join us on the last night for a real banger of a show.

One more February gig left. We return to Erebus in Kelso on 2/26 to rock out with The Generals and The Deadhollows. This one is gonna be a high energy show. Let's get wild people. 

Before we head to Boise for the Fest we will play in Vancouver at our favorite micro brewery in town, Trap Door, on 3/18. And we will follow that with an acoustic show in the intimate setting of Strum Guitars in SE Portland on 3/19. Over the past couple years in relative seclusion we have developed our lounge act so that we can showcase our mellower and more introspective songwriting in venues where the rock show just wouldn't fit. Keep an eye on the show info so you know when its an acoustic or electric show. We like to call it The Mellowneers when we are doing the lounge act :)

April will see us returning to Bend, OR with our first appearance at Silver Moon Brewing, followed by a trip down the Gorge with stops in The Dalles and Enterprise. It's shaping up to be a lovely Spring. Our first run of 2022 was a blast. 6 shows in 8 days. We felt a different kind of energy out there, a buzz of excitement. It's been a rough couple years of semi or complete isolation for so many people. And very little live music. We are so pleased to be out there with you again.