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Northwest blitz! 

Hello gang. NYE was great. Hope yours was too. We are back in Portland now, booking ourselves a busy winter and spring schedule. We start out at The Firkin Tavern on Feb 4. If you haven't checked out music at The Firkin and you live in Portland, you're already missing out! It's a cool, quirky spot for bands. DIY kind of shows, good crowds, no frills. Love it.

We will be at The White Eagle on Feb 18 and March 17. Once again we find ourselves with a St. Paddy's Day show. This one wasn't planned to be a Paddy's Day show, but as always we will pull out some Clancy Brothers and Pogues tunes. We will be up in Washington and a whole bunch in rural and coastal Oregon before the sun returns to the Northwest. Lots of dates in the works. Looking forward to a busy schedule! We will be using this poster for our next couple months of shows. Lovely work by Merry.

NYE Eve and also Eve 

The Mutineers have two shows on California's central coast to celebrate the New Year. Dec 30 at Frog and Peach Pub in downtown San Luis Obispo with the mighty Hot Tina. And it's another Brew Year's Eve at The Brewhouse in Santa Barbara with the inimitable Big Jugs. Get ready for another amazing party as these guys rock for the 6th year in a row. Santa Barbara's best kept NYE secret. Merry and I will be performing as a duo on this run down the coast from our new digs in Portland.

Portland has been a welcoming city. Folks here are very kind and the music scene is lively and supportive. The talent in this town is outstanding. The only question is whether I have the stamina (or $$) to go out, because there's great live music going on nearly every single night. Cheers to the crowd that joined us last Wednesday evening at The Old Gilbert Road Tavern. It was our first "plugged-in" show since we arrived and it was a blast. If you missed that one, Portland, we will be adding lots of local shows after the new year, so we can all get acquainted.

A hearty cheers goes out to Morgan Geer of Drunken Prayer for the many outstanding sets he played during his week long whirlwind Portland tour. He's a class act and it was a real treat to share a stage once again. Looking forward to the next time amigo.

The band has relocated! 

Hello folks. The Mutineers have moved! Our new fortress is in SE Portland, OR and its surrounded by 500+ bands. The talent in this town sets the bar really high for musicians. We have always felt motivated by "competition" among our peers in the sense that we feel driven to play at the level of those we admire. Portland is also the first city, outside our home base, to truly support our project. Since the very first Mutineers tour in 2007 we have been returning to play at least once a year and have always appreciated the great venues and engaged audiences. If you haven't caught our show yet, we look forward to meeting you. We will be posting shows for the Portland area soon, starting with a set in support of our buddy Morgan Geer of Drunken Prayer on 12/2 at the Old Gilbert Road Tavern.

If you've been following The Mutineers for a while, you know we've been through some tough changes. After going down to a 3-piece band in 2013, we suffered the tragic loss of our brother, band mate, and guitarist Michael Astudillo. It's been difficult to pick up the pieces. It is very hard to hear some of our songs without Michael's presence, not to mention the enormous vacancy left by his larger-than-life personality and boundless optimism. It helps us at some level to have the feeling of starting over in a new scene, to reinvent ourselves, to potentially find new band mates, and to find the energy to go forward. Merry and I (that's me, Brian) are performing as a duo and loving it. The songs will sound different, to be sure, but they haven't lost their soul. Our sound has become a bit more aggressive at times, and maybe that makes sense given our difficult past. We hope you will continue on the journey with us. We have a lot more to share!

The Mutineers, Matt Armor, American Dirt on Oct 2 

Matt Armor is going to join us for a road trip to SLO county for a gig at Dunbar Brewing in Santa Margarita on Friday, October 2. Matt will do an opening set with Brian filling in on bass followed by The Mutineers as a duo and our great buds American Dirt. Probably our last gig up there before we relocate to Merry's old stomping grounds in Portland, Oregon at the end of the month. We'll continue to play as a duo up there and work on new songs and will surely come back down to Cali to play some shows in the future. Stay in touch!
Brian and Merry

Girls Rock SB!  

Hey folks. You may have seen Merry and I playing shows lately with Ralph Lowi and/or Matt Sayles, using some name or other each time, but not The Mutineers. That's been a tough one for us without Michael. Out of respect for his absence and out of sheer sadness we have suspended the old band name. We continue to play and write new songs, but we also include plenty from our catalog of Mutes music. Playing at SLO Brew a few weeks back, I was struck by the empty spaces in the songs where Michael's guitar licks would be. I almost wanted to fill up those spaces with something, but I left it open. It was nice, I could almost hear the parts he would play.

As long as Merry and I are still playing together, I know the Mutineers live on and we can continue to commune with Michael through the songs. I'm not going to make any grand statements about our future. What comes will come. Whether we tour or not, whether we pump out more albums or not, our future is going to remain murky. But we wanted to throw whatever currency our band has behind a fund raiser for local music school GirlsRockSB! To that end The Mutineers will be the headlining act at Soho on Friday, July 24. Help us raise the money to support the musical empowerment of young ladies. We love to see girls and women represented on stage. The best way to do it is to let them know at a young age that this isn't a boys club. Rock and roll is for everyone. Hope you can come out and see us rock for GirlsRock.

Farewell Mikey Mutineer 

We are devastated to tell you all that we lost our dear friend and founding member, Michael Astudillo, over this weekend. It is a terrible loss. Our musical lives together began long before The Mutineers came into being. It was always about spreading cheer to those around us. We used to call it "rallying". Walking up to strangers and playing whatever instruments were available in a frenzy until we overwhelmed them into dropping their guard, smiling and loving life. It's how I met Merry actually.  We hope we rallied you at some point, but if WE didn't, I'm sure Michael did on his own if you shared some time together. That legacy should be remembered and continued by those who were touched by him. The phrase "life's too short to play it safe" was never a flippant refrain. We were seriously warning you and ourselves that our ride here is brief. Live like you fucking mean it. As Michael's Hell No verse says, "cherish each and every last breath." We are heartbroken and dismayed and we love you all for your support over the years. Rest in peace brother.

Memorial for Michael James Astudillo
The Santa Barbara Art Foundry
120 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara
Sunday, November 9th 12-3p

Please join us to honor and celebrate the life of our friend and family member, Michael Astudillo, who meant so much to so many. The hours of 12-2p will be open time for family and friends to gather, remember, support and mourn with one another. A short ceremony will begin at 2p.

Thank you for your support during these difficult times. This memorial will be open to the public. Please help us share it with the community.


Labor Day Weekend of Shows 

Gang! We have three shows coming up at the end of the month right here on the lovely central coast. We will be joined on all three nights by our brothers from other mothers, American Dirt and The Dead Volts. For the first time since the 2012 Summertime Jamboree, The Mutineers will return to the Creekside Bar. We've had stellar shows there and lately they've done really nice things with the performance space. Plus they've got a relatively new eatery next door called The Bourbon Room, which is a great start for your night.

Saturday night we will be at the Libertine Pub in Morro Bay. These guys have some tasty brews of their own plus a bevy of other micro brews on tap. Check them out here

Sunday is the grand finale event, the Twang n' Bang festival at Frog and Peach in San Luis Obispo. 18 bands, two stages, coinciding with the annual Brews and Bites street festival. This is our third year playing this event. Always a blast, always good music and lots of twang. A nice way to close out the summer indeed.


And NOW... The tour schedule and super sick awesome poster 

Here we go. Back on the road again. Circling through the West and NW. We've done this route before, but it's been a minute. Take a look at the dates. OK so half the gigs are sort of private affairs. But, If you see one of those parties in your area and you would like to attend, just email us and we will talk to the owners about getting you in through the secret entrance. We know how to get shows at bars and pubs and other venues. This tour we wanted to be sure we spent time with friends and family at every chance we had. The best way to do that, we think, is around the grill at a BBQ! Also in the schedule is our first trip to the newly re-opened Dive Bar in Las Vegas, a return to The Secret Society Ballroom in PDX, and a last stop at the Elbo Room in SF.

Our tour van, Vanna White, is all tuned up. Killer new equipment has arrived to support the new keyboard. We are woodshedding and hoping to create some great memories with all you good folks. Come on out. We will have hand made screen prints of our tour poster, created by drummer Merry Young, available for purchase at the gigs and in our online store at


The Mutineers Reboot! 

After hunting for a new member to join The Mutineers as we embark on a new era, we have given up...

Haha! Not giving up on the band or the songs, just on the idea that we need to add another member. Finding a motivated and reliable person in the area is daunting, and we are asking for a pretty tough commitment out of an adult. So many people have children and wives and decent jobs. WTF?! But it's going to be ok. Everything works out in its own way.

When we moved into our latest practice space, it came with an upright piano that the previous band did not wish to move out. It is out of tune (in a very endearing way) and some of the keys and hammers are busted, but it has sat there asking to be played. So Brian began to play it, a lot. And when rehearsal was feeling unsatisfying without a bassist, we put a mic on it and started to re-imagine our catalog. And we began to fall for the piano, kind of like a young kid realizing a first crush. And we've pursued this idea with gusto.

We've geared up. Bought a sweet keyboard with weighted keys and a gnarly road case. And we've left the idea of adding a member behind, for now. The sound has morphed into something more honky-tonk, less bluegrassy, more like old rock n roll, less like pub rock. We are being heavily influenced by The Band and the soulful rock of the early 70's. It's sounding beefy, exciting, and invigorated. When we've told our friends about the instrumentation change, they worry. "A piano? Does that mean you will be covering Tori Amos songs? Are you going to sit down during your performance? Say it ain't so!" We get it. When rock bands let their singers play the piano, what usually happens is he/she sings a bunch of sappy ballads that leave behind the vibe and history of the band. (See: November Rain, or any of the half-assed ballads of the late 80's/early 90's) But this is not what we are doing. You will have to come out and catch a show to see what we mean and you will soon have the opportunity. We have scheduled a tour around the annual event RANCHFEST hosted by our friends in Finn Riggins up in Idaho. We have a couple dates to finalize before we post the schedule. The dates will be Wednesday May 21 thru Wednesday May 28 all in the western states. Sorry rest of America and the world. We will visit you soon.

After the tour, we will have our first show back in SB since last November. We look forward to reintroducing ourselves to you all. There will be new songs along with our revamped older catalog. We sincerely hope you enjoy what we've done with the place. Stay tuned for more details. Cheers from The Mutineers.

Tour Dates

Date Event Location
The Mutineers @ Ten Depot St Ten Depot St, La Grande, OR Ten Depot St, La Grande, OR
The Mutineers @ The Funky Taco The Funky Taco, Boise, ID The Funky Taco, Boise, ID
The Mutineers @ Lion's Lair Lion's Lair, Denver, CO Lion's Lair, Denver, CO
The Mutineers @ The Boobie Trap The Boobie Trap, Topeka, KS The Boobie Trap, Topeka, KS
The Mutineers @ The Lift The Lift, Dubuque, IA The Lift, Dubuque, IA
The Mutineers @ Boone & Crockett Boone & Crockett, Milwaukee, WI Boone & Crockett, Milwaukee, WI
The Mutineers @ Outer Limits Lounge Outer Limits Lounge , Hamtramck, MI Outer Limits Lounge , Hamtramck, MI
The Mutineers @ The Five O'clock Lounge The Five O'clock Lounge, Lakewood, OH The Five O'clock Lounge, Lakewood, OH
The Mutineers @ Howlers Howlers, Pittsburgh, PA Howlers, Pittsburgh, PA
The Mutineers @ Cedars West End Cedars West End, Youngstown, OH Cedars West End, Youngstown, OH
The Mutineers @ Abilene Bar and Lounge Abilene Bar and Lounge, Rochester, NY Abilene Bar and Lounge, Rochester, NY
The Mutineers @ The Mutineers / The Normanskillers / Dank Wolf The Mutineers / The Normanskillers / Dank Wolf, Albany, NY The Mutineers / The Normanskillers / Dank Wolf, Albany, NY
The Mutineers @ Gerry's Place Gerry's Place , Norwood, NJ Gerry's Place , Norwood, NJ
The Mutineers @ Radio Bean Radio Bean, Burlington,vt Radio Bean, Burlington,vt
The Mutineers @ The Dogfish Bar and Grille The Dogfish Bar and Grille, Portland, ME The Dogfish Bar and Grille, Portland, ME
The Mutineers @ Dream Away Dream Away, Becket, MA Dream Away, Becket, MA
The Mutineers @ Pet Shop Pet Shop, Jersey City, NJ Pet Shop, Jersey City, NJ
The Mutineers @ Dangerously Delicious Pies Dangerously Delicious Pies, Baltimore, MD Dangerously Delicious Pies, Baltimore, MD
The Mutineers @ The Pie Shop The Pie Shop, Washington, D.C. The Pie Shop, Washington, D.C.
The Mutineers @ The Pompei Lounge The Pompei Lounge, Staunton, VA The Pompei Lounge, Staunton, VA

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