Free Radical


This one is a shoutout to those amazing people in our lives who barrel through the bad times and the good with incredible verve. Equal parts creation and destruction, these archetypes are the ones who can laugh louder, party harder and later, and seem to shrug off the stuff in life that can level the average mortal. They can elevate us and take us to places we would never go on our own, but they can also take us down with them in a fiery wreck. It’s the danger in them that makes them so intriguing. They are attractive in the truly magnetic sense, get close enough and you will be swept up in their energy. There is a scary side to it. After all, what goes up must come down (at least on this planet). Who knows if it’s good or bad? I’m happy to have had the experience either way. 

Enjoy the rock n roll. Back to the basics with guitar, bass, drums, and two vocals.