"Afterthought" Video Premier / Halfway Point of the Tour

We are very excited to share our latest video collaboration with Clovis IV. Our video for our second single "Afterthought" premiered last Friday on Rebel Noise. You can check out the video and see what they had to say about it here: http://www.rebelnoise.com/articles/video-premiere-afterthought-by-the-mutineers

Or watch it right here:

Our most important relationships are the ones we are most likely to take for granted. Friends, lovers, and family grow weary of each other’s weaknesses and shortcomings over the years. We forget the struggles and victories of the past. Our long term relationships can become emotional traps or they can help us evolve. Afterthought is a warning to those of us who have not recognized the challenge in our midst.


We are 16 shows deep into our Portland to Portland Tour. Big thanks and hugs to some key players so far: Raymond Richards for coming out to Boise to play bass!! All my cousins in Utah who always show so much love! Raymond Greico for saving the night in Denver! Mark at Extension Cord for making Milwaukee feel like home! John Salvage for doing everything for us Detroit! The whole damn Five O'clock Lounge family! Brian Verga for saving the night in Pittsburgh! Christian Marie for the same in Portland! And especially Rob Miceli for giving us safe haven in NJ for this long stretch. 

We've continued to meet outstanding bar owners and patrons on this tour. We have hit about half new venues and half are return trips. And because you are so supportive and encouraging we just keep doing this thing. If you want us to stop, you are going to have to stop treating us like family!

We hit the "other" Portland last weekend (our first trip to Maine). New England was gorgeous this time of year, as you might guess. Up in the mountains the leaves were on fire with brilliant autumn color. We got to spend one night camping in Green Mountain National Forest. That was a treat. And we wrapped up that part of the tour at Dream Away Lodge in Becket, MA. It was our third time performing there and it has been a highlight of each tour. At the Dream Away and the night before in Portland, we played without the electric guitar and went fully acoustic. It was surprisingly satisfying. We love rocking out and think that is part of our band persona, but there was something that just seemed right about those sets. Maybe it's the space it gave us to focus on the vocals above all else. Maybe it's a bit of Michael's spirit coming through his acoustic guitar. Whatever it was, it made us consider playing in that arrangement more often. We would love to get a live recording and offer The Mutineers Unplugged. 

We head south next week. For most of this tour we have been playing alone, and have only played with other bands at a few shows. On this stretch we get to team up with some really great acts. Friday 10/19 seems like a potential candidate for best show of the tour. We will be rocking the new venue above the Dangerously Delicious Pie Shop on H Street in Washington, DC. We will be opening the night for two great acts: Wonky Tonk and The Highballers. There's so much quality right there, I can barely stand it. A couple nights later, we have another solid bill with Richmond's own The Atkinsons at Cary St Cafe.

We follow up that week with three dates in North Carolina. We will be performing as the backing band for Drunken Prayer in what we hope is a preview of some extensive touring together next spring. We will of course be doing double duty and performing our own sets as well. Our buddies The Turkey Buzzards are touring out of California as well and we will get two nights with them as well. Really fun times ahead.

We will be shooting directly across the country after NC for our west coast dates. But do not despair, we have plans to return in the Spring to hit all the spots we missed on this tour. The west coast lineup is intense and I think it deserves its own blog post. So check back in a couple weeks for the next update. As always, please help us spread the word about upcoming shows.