You Can't Run Away

Stream Track #3 - You Can’t Run Away 

You’ve doubtless heard it said many times before, during some frustrated conversation about the troubled state of society. If we could only start over, with just the good people, our people, we could get everything right. I’ve heard this sentiment from family and friends as both a melancholic and unrealistic wish as we temporarily escape our troubles, or as a serious plan of action where we plot out how to buy land and start a new community. I think these moments provide some necessary relief and camaraderie when the news is getting us down. But underneath it all, my pessimistic side is nagging at me. All of the troubles we see in the world are universal to us all. Greed, gluttony, lust, rage, and the rest of the “deadly sins” live inside all of us. They aren’t someone else’s problem, they are our collective inescapable challenge. 

This folk song features a Nashville-tuned guitar played by yours truly, and the addition, once again, of Raymond Richards’ mellotron and bass playing. If you’ve been following along with all of our releases, you will have already noticed Merry’s beautiful vocals providing harmony in key spots. Her voice on the choruses of this song make me really happy. When it’s all said and done, I hope you will see this song as a hopeful tune, rather than a pessimistic anthem. I think facing our challenges makes our celebrations so much more richer and meaningful.