Straight Into The Sun

Stream Track #5 - Straight Into The Sun 

This song was deeply enhanced by the exquisite pedal steel playing of Raymond Richards. He also joined me at the end for the fun electric guitar duet. Thanks Raymond! 

Getting out on a national tour has been a lifelong goal of mine. Merry got the bug too as soon as we went on our first two-weekend tour on the west coast. For over 3 years we’ve been circling the country playing mostly small venues, dive bars, breweries and restaurants. It has been an incredible ride and brought us so many new friends as well as the ability to continue life-long friendships with actual in-person visits on a regular basis. We’ve had the opportunity to grow as musicians and performers by playing more often than I ever thought possible. But there are nights out there that truly test us. In the midst of the difficulties of being an obscure independent rock duo, living out of a van, I’ve had to reflect on what truly matters. I don’t know where this ship is headed, but I’m very fortunate to take the ride with Merry, a talented, hard-working, and beautiful person. It doesn’t always come up roses out there, but we are still a couple of the lucky ones. Here’s my ode to Merry Young and our life, come what may.

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