February Shows in the PNW

2021 recap! 

16 shows. That's 4x the amount we played in 2020 so that is a good sign I guess. As we muddle our way through January (currently hibernating), we are hopeful that the situation improves as we head into February. We have an excellent lineup of performances in Oregon and Washington. We are doing a few dinner shows which will be acoustic sets. And the rest are rockers. We are finally returning to Bremerton (which was one of the first places we had to cancel back in 2020.) Our pal Jack Parker will be joining us with his backing band The Remedy for the show in Bremerton and at The Spanish Ballroom in Tacoma. And we finish this batch of shows with our buddy band The Deadhollows and one of my favorite bands in Portland right now, The Generals. The three of us will take over Erebus in Kelso on 2/26. As we have noted previously, Erebus fucking rocks so please get your ass into that venue for this gig. 

Check out our unplugged version of Drunken Prayer's iconic song, "What Made Me Kill". We ask the question, "What if this murder ballad was sung by a woman instead of a man?"

New songs are starting to poke their heads out like proverbial groundhogs. We are demoing up as we go, hopeful we can get back into the studio this year and make a new record. It would be nice to purge the sentiments and emotions that are behind these songs, driven as they were by the events of the last two years. What lies on the other side of this? It would be nice to get a glimpse, to let go of the current refrain, but the present has to be dealt with first. Come out to a show and you will hear at least one or two of these songs which have been simmering for months. In the meantime, take care of each other and yourselves.