Mutineer News

Labor Day Weekend of Shows 

Gang! We have three shows coming up at the end of the month right here on the lovely central coast. We will be joined on all three nights by our brothers from other mothers, American Dirt and The Dead Volts. For the first time since the 2012 Summertime Jamboree, The Mutineers will return to the Creekside Bar. We've had stellar shows there and lately they've done really nice things with the performance space. Plus they've got a relatively new eatery next door called The Bourbon Room, which is a great start for your night.

Saturday night we will be at the Libertine Pub in Morro Bay. These guys have some tasty brews of their own plus a bevy of other micro brews on tap. Check them out here

Sunday is the grand finale event, the Twang n' Bang festival at Frog and Peach in San Luis Obispo. 18 bands, two stages, coinciding with the annual Brews and Bites street festival. This is our third year playing this event. Always a blast, always good music and lots of twang. A nice way to close out the summer indeed.


And NOW... The tour schedule and super sick awesome poster 

Here we go. Back on the road again. Circling through the West and NW. We've done this route before, but it's been a minute. Take a look at the dates. OK so half the gigs are sort of private affairs. But, If you see one of those parties in your area and you would like to attend, just email us and we will talk to the owners about getting you in through the secret entrance. We know how to get shows at bars and pubs and other venues. This tour we wanted to be sure we spent time with friends and family at every chance we had. The best way to do that, we think, is around the grill at a BBQ! Also in the schedule is our first trip to the newly re-opened Dive Bar in Las Vegas, a return to The Secret Society Ballroom in PDX, and a last stop at the Elbo Room in SF.

Our tour van, Vanna White, is all tuned up. Killer new equipment has arrived to support the new keyboard. We are woodshedding and hoping to create some great memories with all you good folks. Come on out. We will have hand made screen prints of our tour poster, created by drummer Merry Young, available for purchase at the gigs and in our online store at


The Mutineers Reboot! 

After hunting for a new member to join The Mutineers as we embark on a new era, we have given up...

Haha! Not giving up on the band or the songs, just on the idea that we need to add another member. Finding a motivated and reliable person in the area is daunting, and we are asking for a pretty tough commitment out of an adult. So many people have children and wives and decent jobs. WTF?! But it's going to be ok. Everything works out in its own way.

When we moved into our latest practice space, it came with an upright piano that the previous band did not wish to move out. It is out of tune (in a very endearing way) and some of the keys and hammers are busted, but it has sat there asking to be played. So Brian began to play it, a lot. And when rehearsal was feeling unsatisfying without a bassist, we put a mic on it and started to re-imagine our catalog. And we began to fall for the piano, kind of like a young kid realizing a first crush. And we've pursued this idea with gusto.

We've geared up. Bought a sweet keyboard with weighted keys and a gnarly road case. And we've left the idea of adding a member behind, for now. The sound has morphed into something more honky-tonk, less bluegrassy, more like old rock n roll, less like pub rock. We are being heavily influenced by The Band and the soulful rock of the early 70's. It's sounding beefy, exciting, and invigorated. When we've told our friends about the instrumentation change, they worry. "A piano? Does that mean you will be covering Tori Amos songs? Are you going to sit down during your performance? Say it ain't so!" We get it. When rock bands let their singers play the piano, what usually happens is he/she sings a bunch of sappy ballads that leave behind the vibe and history of the band. (See: November Rain, or any of the half-assed ballads of the late 80's/early 90's) But this is not what we are doing. You will have to come out and catch a show to see what we mean and you will soon have the opportunity. We have scheduled a tour around the annual event RANCHFEST hosted by our friends in Finn Riggins up in Idaho. We have a couple dates to finalize before we post the schedule. The dates will be Wednesday May 21 thru Wednesday May 28 all in the western states. Sorry rest of America and the world. We will visit you soon.

After the tour, we will have our first show back in SB since last November. We look forward to reintroducing ourselves to you all. There will be new songs along with our revamped older catalog. We sincerely hope you enjoy what we've done with the place. Stay tuned for more details. Cheers from The Mutineers.

A salute to our bassist Terry Luna and The Mutes plans for 2014 

2014 is going to be an exciting year for The Mutineers. After releasing our next album, we plan to return to the East Coast and the Northwest as well as play our first shows in the South. It’s going to be an intense schedule and unfortunately our bassist, Terry, won’t be able to make the journey with us. We know that the only way to grow our band is to get out on the road. We also know that we can’t do it with a “fill-in”. We need the cohesiveness and the continuity of a full band out on tour. And so The Mutineers will take on a new member or two to play bass and/or keys. This was a difficult decision to make and a painful separation. Since our first show together in 2009, Terry Luna has been a important addition to The Mutineers. He helped expand what the band could do sonically and where we could perform. We have played somewhere near 200 shows together, from California to the New York Island. So many great memories came out of those years. Cheers to you Terry! It has been a blast, we thank you for your hard work and dedication to this band, and we wish you the best. 

“I awoke from a spell on a violent swell, thrashing about on The Count. My sail was tattered, trusty bow was frayed, to the dry soil my feet would a’mount. With a brand new name, new tone in my voice and a past I could never recount. I would never look back or speak of the day, there’d be nothing I could not surmount.”  -- Terry Luna, “Hell No”

If you believe you are up for the challenge of being a Mutineer, please refer to the job outline below. Contact us at if you think you got what it takes:

The Mutineers are looking for a bassist and/or keyboard player. 
Said player must:
-Be over 21 years of age
-Have quality equipment and know how to use it.
-Be able to tour for two 1-2 week trips this year
-Be available for periodic weekend tours.
-Be available for two 3-hour practices a week in Carpinteria and have your own transportation to and from
-We prefer someone with touring experience (i.e. you’re ok with sleeping on a floor, couch or in the van)
-Be able to learn tracks by ear for audition and have a basic understanding of music theory.
-Singing ability is a huge plus but not necessary
We offer:
Fun times. Tour dates around the country. Whiskey. Vanna White (our van). The band will fund recording and most of our touring expenses. 

SLO Brew with Larry and His FLask on 11/14 

Hello friends. We have a last minute show announcement. The Mutineers will be the first of three bands tomorrow night at SLO Brew in downtown San Luis Obispo. Headlining the night is Larry and His Flask, the blazing fast, high energy, punk-grass band from Bend, Oregon. They are amazing to see live. Onward, etc. is an alt-country band with rotating membership depending on where they play. They'll be in direct support. So come out early and catch our set. We'd love to see you there. Tickets are available HERE

New Release: "If You'll Be Mine" and the New Noise Digital Music Conference 

We've created a Bandcamp page for our latest recording. In the spring, we recorded two songs at Santa Barbara Sound Design with Dominic Camardella. We released the single, Vegas Lights, just before the summer. And now we are happy to share the B-side, If You'll Be Mine. This track shows a more progressive side of the band with dueling guitar leads and a southern rock swagger. The recording was a great experience and we are completely satisfied with the results. Once again we recorded almost entirely live. Just a few added, overdubbed guitar leads and of course the vocals were done separately. We love it and hope you do too. YES! You can also stream the new songs on this very page. The player is at the bottom of the screen and plays continuously on any of of the site's pages.

We have released the songs to help promote our next gig: direct support for The White Buffalo at the New Noise Festival at SOhO Restaurant and Music Venue on Thursday October, 17. The show is $18 in advance, $20 at the door. But an all access VIP pass for the 3 day conference and festival is only $45!!! Get yours before the price goes up. This is New Noise's 5th year and The Mutineers are honored to be a part of the festival once again. 5 venues, an all day digital music conference with industry speakers and panels, and a huge block party in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone. It's gonna be great.

Since our last post, we've had a band wedding! Drummer, Merry Young, and singer/songwriter, Brian Mathusek, tied the knot amongst friends and family in sunny Santa Barbara, CA. It was a great time and we thank you all for your support of our endeavors. We look forward to many more songs, many more road trips, and many more new friends. See you all soon.

Live at Casa Cantina Viva la Musica Stage in SB next week! 

I know I know... I said no shows while we woodshed. But there are some folks we would make an exception for. Our friends at Plus Uno/New Noise SB are hosting a party during Fiesta in the courtyard across from De La Guerra Plaza. The aptly named, Casa Cantina Viva La Musica Stage. Come on out and see us open the show for Cashed Out, San Diego's premier Johnny Cash cover band. We will be performing at 8p so don't come late or you will miss us. Tickets are $10 per night at Casa but you can buy an all weekend wristband for only $25. Just follow this link: LINK!

And then its back into hiding for us... Cheers

Time for a little woodshedding... 

Hello friends. Thank you to all who made it out to shows this spring/summer. We had a hell of a good run. Some of the best shows of our career happened over the last few months. We regret that we had to cancel our last date at El Rey Cantina in Ventura. Completely our fault, we messed up our scheduling. But now it is time for some much needed woodshedding. Time to lock myself in a room with a pen and paper, or go off on a solitary journey into the woods, or seal myself into a recording studio, or build a log cabin out of hand hewn logs. Anything to wake up the muse and get to writing and building up our chops. We do look forward to playing this years Twang n Bang festival at Frog and Peach in SLO (check the calendar). There may be a show or two in the local scene in the fall (New Noise Festival in sb?), but not too many opportunites to catch us until we've completed a recording that we can all be proud of. Something that breaks new ground for the band, while still covering turf that helped us connect with you all in the first place. Something that will express the core of what it means to be a Mutineer. And then we will take these songs out and conquer the world. I can't say exactly how long this will take. We've made those promises before... And frankly, I don't care how long it takes. As long as we produce something honest, vital, and challenging. We will keep you updated along the way. Thank you for all the support!


Only three shows left before The Mutineers go into hiding! or Notes on a Tour Near Completion 

May and June have been really busy for us Mutes. Some of the best shows of our career have happened over the past few weeks. We can't thank you all enough for the support and opportunities. We were very active on Facebook while on the road, so you can still catch some of the highlights that we documented for all the world to see here. I'll give you the key moments right here tho:

- SLO Frog & Peach. Great to see so many folks we met at the Murder By Death show in May. Terry's new bass made its debut performance and sounded great. Merry was asked to slow dance after the show by a fresh faced 20 something. aawwwwww.
- SF Plough & Stars. Spent the day at our favorite SF bar, Zeitgeist! So many beers on tap. Then to Golden Gate Park where Merry filled Brian's beard with wild flowers and we sang a capela in the public restroom only to find a crowd of people standing at the door listening when we emerged. After a fun show at Plough & Stars, we convinced our friend Megan to throw caution to the wind and jump in the van for the rest of the tour. Haha! Later that night, while driving along route 37, we veered off the road and into the bay, where we all drowned and went to band heaven. At least that was the only reasoning we could find for having such great luck on the road. That night, for reasons not entirely clear, the Marriot gave us two rooms for $67. Score!
- Cottage Grove, OR Axe & Fiddle. Band heaven continued with a relaxing double set just outside Eugene. We played a lot of songs that are rarely heard and got a sweet response from the locals. Thank you to our road angel Jessica for putting us up in your lovely home and feeding us spinach and broccoli quiche in the morning.
- PDX Secret Society Ballroom. The sun was raging in Portland for us. Merry's family came out to see us perform for the first time ever. Mike jumped into the crowd to rock out with Mom during Ace. We were all delighted to reunite with our buddy Morgan and his stellar band Drunken Prayer. We all danced the night away and met some real friendly folks. Followed by an epic party hosted by John and Carrie. Cheers guys. Thanks for having us. It was a blast
- Congratz to Morgan and Christa on their wedding that we were honored to attend on Sunday at the Deer Lodge. Couldn't have picked a better way to end the trip. Lots of new faces, but all felt like family.

We will return to SLO and SF, at least, in the fall. In the meantime, we will be at Cold Spring Tavern on 6/29, Firestone Winery on 7/12, and El Rey Cantina in Ventura on 7/20. Then its time for Merry and Brian to get married. And for the band, its time to finish writing and recording the next album. So we will disappear for a while. When we return it will be with a vengeance. Ready to conquer the world.