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Mutineer News

Live At B-Side Now Available! 

We hope you enjoy it and come out to a show soon. Below is the press release for the album that will give you some insight on the whole thing. 

Portland husband-and-wife duo The Mutineers have just finished their latest self-released album titled Live at B-Side. It features 11 songs recorded live in two days at B-Side Studio in Portland, OR by Raymond Richards (Local Natives, HoneyHoney, The Parson Red Heads).  

    “We made an album without a single overdub, not even the vocals, to set ourselves apart from today’s micro-managed, pitch-corrected, masquerade of music,” says guitarist and singer/songwriter Brian Mathusek who founded the band along with wife, drummer and singer Merry Young. The album is their first release since the loss of acoustic guitarist and third founding member Michael Astudillo in 2014. “It’s been difficult to pick up the pieces but we knew we had to keep making music and we wanted a recording that truly reflected our live sound now as a duo.” 

    Known for their cynical, often rebellious, but always honest songs, The Mutineers have not abandoned that spirit. But their latest work digs deeper, reflecting a more aggressive expression of frustration, anger and loss. The first track “Barbara,” starts the album off with a tear-stained farewell letter to their former city. “Break Your Fall” asks haunting questions about addiction. “Drug For That” is a blistering commentary on the over-medication of modern society. “I Will Fight No More” recounts the heartbreaking retreat of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce tribe. “Sell Your Life,” a sardonic pseudo-love song, paints a picture of beautiful people living so-called perfect lives. Also included on the album are newly recorded versions of some old favorites that are no longer in print.  

    The album will be available on CD directly from the band and can be ordered from their website ( Digitally, it will be available for purchase through limited outlets but not on the streaming services. “We’ve decided against releasing this album on the myriad streaming services because, frankly, those services have never done us a lick of good. We might change our tune with future recordings, but for now this album will only be available for purchase,” says Mathusek.  

    The CD packaging for the album was made entirely by the musicians themselves. Young created the artwork and Mathusek screen printed each color by hand. Then they cut, glued, numbered and hand-assembled each one. They also screen print all of their own T-shirts and posters and offer their services to other bands as well. Their company Mutiny Studios ( has designed and printed for many artists including Motörhead, Suicidal Tendencies, Quicksilver Messenger Service and a long list of local and national bands. 

    The Mutineers will be playing throughout the Pacific Northwest this winter with plans for a western states tour in early spring 2017. 


Live at B-Side was recorded in two days at B-Side Studios in Portland, Oregon. It was pretty stormy outside while we recorded and the chestnut tree next door was bombing us with its spiky balls when it wasn't actually raining. But it was cozy inside and we got a lot of work done with the help of The Gentle Shepherd, Raymond Richards. He's gotten us through the mixing process. And he made it extremely comfortable to record 100% live, without the use of overdubs or layers of any kind. Merry and I have gone through many changes in the past few years, and we want to give our fans, new and old, a raw and real look at who we are today. I can't wait to share it with you all. Raymond captured some beautiful tones and, we think, some killer performances. Now it's on to mastering, reproducing and packaging. You can help us fund the last steps of the process by PRE-ORDERING your copy today. Merry is creating the artwork in the other room while I (Brian) type this blog out. I'll be screen printing, cutting, folding and gluing each of the CD wallet cases and Merry will be hand numbering them. We will post images of the design soon. PRE-ORDER and we will mail you your copy as soon as the ink is dry. We set up a combo option with our maroon crow shirts as well that you might dig. Take a look!

The album will have 11 songs, featuring 7 previously unreleased tracks and 4 tracks rerecorded from our back catalog. We recently ran out of our 3rd edition of Tidal Wave CDs. A happy occasion for us. For now that album will only be available as a digital download or wherever you stream music. Instead we thought it would be a good idea to re-record three of those tracks the way we play them today as a two-piece. We also included a new version of a song that was on our very first self-titled EP, which only a very few of you might have. The song You Don't Have To was originally written in 2006 in Park Ridge, NJ in a blue house near the train stop across from the diner. It will be the closing song on Live at B-Side. I'll be sharing more and more tidbits about the album as we move ahead, from the artwork, to the track listing, and pictures of the arts and crafts.

In the meantime, come see us at an upcoming show. In Portland, we will be at The Firkin Tavern on Friday, Nov. 4 with Matthew Lindley. Shows go from 7-10p and always are at The Firkin. Check out our calendar for lots more in the NW. Thank you all.

Live Album on the Way. Autumn poster release 

We had a great tour down through California last month. It's always a huge boost to get out and play back to back, night after night. It really tightens the screws on the performance. So at the suggestion of our supportive friends down south, we got ourselves some studio time as soon as we returned to Portland to try and grab some of that magic we felt on tour. We recorded 11 songs, completely live and without overdubs. Merry and I both wanted a recording in our merch booth and in our store that  sounds like our current live show. There's some minor mixing to be done yet and album art to create, but the album "Live at B-Side" will be available in just a few weeks. We hope you enjoy the sound of our naked selves, baring it all for you, just like we do on stage. A huge thank you to our Gentle Shepherd, Raymond Richards, for guiding us through this whirlwind recording.

And suddenly, it was Autumn again.

Here we are, the most bestest time of year in my estimation. You know the deal. Hot drinks, warm sweaters, dogs in jackets, cats in coats, and brilliant falling maple leaves. And because we made it our goal this year, we have the fourth and final edition of the seasonal posters. What's cozier in the Fall than a big ol' beard? Check out the world of joy that Merry believes thrives in the eco-sphere of my beard. It's the Autumn Poster and it will be available in our merch store and at our shows just as soon as I get around to printing it.

End of Summer Tour 2016 plus NEW DEMO STREAMING  

Hi folks. We are headed down to California for a string of 9 shoes, I mean shows. We are hoping to need only one or possibly two pairs of shoes, but you never know. The shows, on the other hand, are all lined up and listed in the image above and listed in that calendar to the right. We've got new songs to showcase for you as well as some new takes on our back catalog. (Hit play on the music player below to check out an acoustic demo of our new track "Barbara".) We are splitting bills with some great bands including We Arsons, Patrolled By Radar, Deer Leg, Nocona, and The Detroit Sportsmen's Congress. And that doesn't even touch all the great acts at Twang n Bang Fest XI. That is going to be one hell of an all day party.

We have also updated our store and merch box for the road. There are new shirts, new posters, and a new limited edition of our hand printed Dirge CD cases. We design and print all of this stuff, so it comes with our DNA! A cloned pair of Mutineers makes for a great holiday gift. We hope to see you down in the outdoor furnace that is central and southern California. With any luck we will bring you some rain from the slushy lands of the Northwest.

Before we head south you can catch us at Seaside Brewing Company here in Oregon with the mighty Jay Souza of Patrolled By Radar. This Friday evening, August 26. 7-10. When we return, we will be back at the beautiful Skyline Tavern above Forest Park here in Portland. That one is on Friday, Sept. 16.

Alright. Let's do this!

The Spring/Summer poster and shows! 

Merry has made a gorgeous poster for our next string of shows. Sticks out among the other posters on the telephone pole too! Hope you like it. We will be screen printing it soon and will have it at our upcoming shows.

April was a blast. We have to thank Chloe for being on the dance floor for all three hours at Rock Creek Tavern on the 30th. That really topped the whole month off right. We met a lot of new folks over the last 10 shows or so and are planning returns pretty much everywhere we played. Our next gig is our very first one at LaurelThirst Public House. Michael Dean Damron will open the show, I'd go just for that but you should stick around and see us too. Wednesday May 11 at 9p.

Merry and I will record some tracks as a two-piece and post them soon. We want to get you a sample of how our sound has evolved given all of our recent changes. The NW has a ton of great places to play. Our schedule has been busier than it has been in years. It's given us the opportunity to try various arrangements on our instruments to fit the vibe of whatever venue we are playing. Those three set nights keep us fit too. All great experiences as we move towards recording fresh tunes.


April shows in the Northwest 

We've got a whole bunch of gigs booked for April. Portland, Vancouver, Salem, Hillsboro, Cottage Grove! Shows in your city this month. Check out our Schedule
We have new t shirts and posters in our merch case, all hand screened by yours truly. New songs will be in the set as we work them out and get them ready for recording. Excited for a busy spring.

Merry and I got the chance to see Murder By Death once again, here in Portland at the Star Theater. They absolutely nailed it with a gritty set that was powerful and filled with emotion. It's always great to see these guys. They carry extra meaning for us as they had become one Michael's favorite bands. We all bonded over their music and were thrilled to have opened a show for them back in 2014. During Michael's memorial, MBD songs were played through the PA and every time I hear those songs live I tear up. It's not a bad cry, it's a bloody good cry. We miss you Mike and we are working hard to carry on the legacy of the band. We'll meet again on the river someday...


New hand printed posters and lots more shows 

We've updated our store to include our latest screen printed poster. We call it our Winter 2016 and plan on releasing a new one for each season this year. Merry designs all of our artwork and I do all of our printing, (shirts, CDs, posters). It's a fun process for us and maybe will make our merch a bit more meaningful for you. They will be available at our shows too of course. New shirts will be on their way. Probably in time for our next gig. Speaking of which...

The Mutineers are joined by Lowlight and Tom Armstrong on Thursday February 18 at McMenamin's White Eagle in north Portland. As promised in our last post, we are filling up our schedule and will be playing a ton this year, so as to acquaint ourselves with lots of new faces. Next week's gig at White Eagle is followed by a really great bill at Slim's in the St. Johns neighborhood in Portland, featuring I Can Lick Any Son of a Bitch in the House and Michael Dean Damron. Should be a riot! That one is on Friday March 4. Then we are back at White Eagle for St. Paddy's Day, Thursday March 17 with The Low Bones and The Resolectrics. Another killer bill of PDX locals. More to come in April. All shows are listed on our calendar.

Big thumbs up to The Firkin Tavern in SouthEast PDX. That is a really great local dive that is supporting live music and getting folks in front of bands. Cheers to them!

Northwest blitz! 

Hello gang. NYE was great. Hope yours was too. We are back in Portland now, booking ourselves a busy winter and spring schedule. We start out at The Firkin Tavern on Feb 4. If you haven't checked out music at The Firkin and you live in Portland, you're already missing out! It's a cool, quirky spot for bands. DIY kind of shows, good crowds, no frills. Love it.

We will be at The White Eagle on Feb 18 and March 17. Once again we find ourselves with a St. Paddy's Day show. This one wasn't planned to be a Paddy's Day show, but as always we will pull out some Clancy Brothers and Pogues tunes. We will be up in Washington and a whole bunch in rural and coastal Oregon before the sun returns to the Northwest. Lots of dates in the works. Looking forward to a busy schedule! We will be using this poster for our next couple months of shows. Lovely work by Merry.

NYE Eve and also Eve 

The Mutineers have two shows on California's central coast to celebrate the New Year. Dec 30 at Frog and Peach Pub in downtown San Luis Obispo with the mighty Hot Tina. And it's another Brew Year's Eve at The Brewhouse in Santa Barbara with the inimitable Big Jugs. Get ready for another amazing party as these guys rock for the 6th year in a row. Santa Barbara's best kept NYE secret. Merry and I will be performing as a duo on this run down the coast from our new digs in Portland.

Portland has been a welcoming city. Folks here are very kind and the music scene is lively and supportive. The talent in this town is outstanding. The only question is whether I have the stamina (or $$) to go out, because there's great live music going on nearly every single night. Cheers to the crowd that joined us last Wednesday evening at The Old Gilbert Road Tavern. It was our first "plugged-in" show since we arrived and it was a blast. If you missed that one, Portland, we will be adding lots of local shows after the new year, so we can all get acquainted.

A hearty cheers goes out to Morgan Geer of Drunken Prayer for the many outstanding sets he played during his week long whirlwind Portland tour. He's a class act and it was a real treat to share a stage once again. Looking forward to the next time amigo.

The band has relocated! 

Hello folks. The Mutineers have moved! Our new fortress is in SE Portland, OR and its surrounded by 500+ bands. The talent in this town sets the bar really high for musicians. We have always felt motivated by "competition" among our peers in the sense that we feel driven to play at the level of those we admire. Portland is also the first city, outside our home base, to truly support our project. Since the very first Mutineers tour in 2007 we have been returning to play at least once a year and have always appreciated the great venues and engaged audiences. If you haven't caught our show yet, we look forward to meeting you. We will be posting shows for the Portland area soon, starting with a set in support of our buddy Morgan Geer of Drunken Prayer on 12/2 at the Old Gilbert Road Tavern.

If you've been following The Mutineers for a while, you know we've been through some tough changes. After going down to a 3-piece band in 2013, we suffered the tragic loss of our brother, band mate, and guitarist Michael Astudillo. It's been difficult to pick up the pieces. It is very hard to hear some of our songs without Michael's presence, not to mention the enormous vacancy left by his larger-than-life personality and boundless optimism. It helps us at some level to have the feeling of starting over in a new scene, to reinvent ourselves, to potentially find new band mates, and to find the energy to go forward. Merry and I (that's me, Brian) are performing as a duo and loving it. The songs will sound different, to be sure, but they haven't lost their soul. Our sound has become a bit more aggressive at times, and maybe that makes sense given our difficult past. We hope you will continue on the journey with us. We have a lot more to share!